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Stop the Curfew

Greater Dallas Restaurant Association


A proposed City of Dallas ordinance threatened to make late-night businesses incur extra costs, and undergo a political process, just to stay open after midnight.

If approved, the ordinance could have hurt business owners, many of whom earn sizable revenues between after midnight. It also could have hurt their employees, many of whom rely on that second, late-night income to feed their families.

Elettore designed and implemented a campaign called "Stop the Curfew." We developed a website and social media initiative that encouraged the employees of late-night businesses to voice their opposition to the ordinance at City Hall.  

We met one-on-one with elected officials to explain how such an ordinance would hurt the city.   And, we led meetings in the communities that would be most affected by the ordinance to explain its ramifications. 


Elettore’s Stop the Curfew campaign motivated hundreds of late-night workers to amass at several city-led meetings and voice their upset with the proposed ordinance. It also motivated them to contact those on the committee considering the ordinance and voice they would reject it. 

As a result of Elettore’s in-person and online communication campaigns, the committee unanimously rejected the proposed ordinance that would have harmed late-night businesses city-wide.

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