Community relations, grassroots advocacy, and web communications consulting

Serving corporate, non-profit, and political clients since 1997.

What Does Elettore Do?



We build enthusiasm for your agenda among those not yet on board. Or even those who are committed to blocking it. 

We generate excitement for your cause, passion for your objective. By turning adversaries into advocates, suppressors into supporters.

Community Relations

Maybe a neighborhood or community is less than excited about your latest endeavor. We know how to involve those citizens, so they want to back your agenda, not block it.

Government Relations

Perhaps you need elected officials to help green-light a project. We know how to present your plan, so they better understand how it will benefit their constituents.

Special Events

We don't produce a special event just to produce a special event. However, we do create innovative events that will help your cause attract much more attention, and much more support.

Web Communication and Social Media

These days, anyone can launch a website. Everyone can post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We know how to use websites and social media to turn people into advocates for your cause, ambassadors for its success.

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